Friday, October 19, 2007

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is a ‘modern day scientific fairy tale’ from Eoin Colfer (pronounced Owen). It was after a very long time that I read a pot-boiler, page-turner and meant-for-entertainment only book. And I can’t say I was disappointed.

Artemis Fowl narrates the story of Artemis Fowl the Second, a twelve year old prodigious genius and criminal mastermind who is the only heir of a long line of criminal masterminds. The eponymous first book of the series narrates the story of how young Artemis discovers the existence of fairies, steals their Book to plunder their secrets and then plots a consummately crafted plot to end up with fairy gold.

However, the fairies do no turn out to be the way everyone imagines them to be. They live under the ground and there is an entire civilization thriving with is much, much more technologically advanced than humans. Not only can the fairies perform a ritual on full moon night to replenish their powers and heal instantly using their blue sparks of magic, they can also create a static-time field and use a bio-bomb to deal with any unfortunate humans stumbling across the truth of their existence.

So when Artemis and his burly family bodyguard Butler kidnap Captain Holly Short of LEPrecon (the Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance wing) and demand a ton of fairy gold (24 karat) as ransom, it is up to the die-hard Commander Root, technological genius centaur Foaly and the-convicted-dwarf-with-uncanny-abilities Mulch Diggums to rescue her and save the gold as well. The plot twists and turns at tremendous pace and takes the reader on surprise every other page. You cannot put the book down until the story culminates in a mind-blowing climax everyone is granted a little bit of their desires.

If you’re just looking for some entertainment, Artemis Fowl is just the thing for you.


  1. I love Artemis Fowl! Arty was my first love. *grin* My favorite book is the Opal Deception. I've got some information on book seven on my blog. I can't wait! Artemis Fowl is amazing!

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  2. @Lilly -- Thanks for dropping by. I read you blog. Good stuff!

  3. Here. I found some new information on the up-and-comming book. --> I can't wait!