Antaragni is in the Air

This is just a journal like linkin-park post. Antaragni is about to kick off today. I'm going to miss the opening because my Prof is going to take us out to dinner. But better today than any other day over the weekend because fun is promised. Atul and I have started the Unofficial Antaragni Oh-Seven Blog. Do read.

Am reading Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors these days. Have barely read about fifty or so pages till now. Perhaps a more complete post about the book will follow later on. I find it difficult to write about anthologies specially ones such as Smoke and Mirrors which have the most diverse set of short stories possible ranging from realistic to fantasy to science fiction to erotica. But nevertheless, I shall write. Meanwhile, you can see Neil Gaiman receiving the Hell's Dildo at the Spike TV awards.

Also read this interesting blog about the South Asian Literary Recordings Project. Sounds very interesting. It is interesting how in world everything is becoming commercial, there is a definitive drive to make knowledge openly available. Good, good.


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