Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Bullet through My Head

(C) Deviant

I lay down, tired. I imagine a bullet having been shot through my head. It is lodged somewhere deep inside my brain. It has squished those grey cells. It has punctured that wriggly outer layer of my brain. It has shattered my skull into tiny fragments. It has ruptured the skin above it. And the blood oozes. The blood flows down my temple. I touch it with a finger. The finger comes off read. A pearly red drop at the tip of my finger.


  1. Thanks vinod for dropping in and commenting on my blog. Will look through ur blog..


  2. If the bullet is so much 'into' your head, how come you're still alive to touch the drop of blood?

    anyways, what is Gothic writing. Do NOT say, 'this is'

  3. @ Aneesh - that would be something to think about, wouldn't it? :) Anyhow, I have no idea what gothic writing is. All I know is that it is about blood, gore, death, supernatural etc. Go to wiki for details. :(