Google Redesigns Orkut

After long last, Google is redesigning Orkut interface. They are rolling out the changes to a few users at a time, selected randomly, but have posted a screenshot on their Okrut blog. Here is the screenshot for you.

The New Look

I really like the new look. It is modern, with light colors and rounded edges and shadowed panes. I also like the fact that they have chosen to stay with the blue background. I’m no fan of the Orkut blue, but with white it does look sleek. Somehow reminds me of the new KDE 4 Oxygen style.

And I really like the way the top right corner of the centre pane has that extra bend.

Easier Navigation

The navigation is now easier. They seem to have picked up a few things from powerscrap. I really like the fact that a scrapbook link now features on the top. I always hated to have to navigate to my profile and then go to my scrapbook. I then bookmarked the scrapbook page so that I could go to it in one click. So this thing is a really useful improvement.

I also like that manage communities and manage friend buttons have been added. They make a lot more sense being where they are now, under the friends and communities panes.

Sense of Symmetry

You will also notice light grey rectangles around your friend pictures and communities. I always found the friend photos misaligned because of different sizes. The sizes will not change even now but because of this background rectangle they look much more symmetric and organized. It is very pleasing to the eye. Also, the birthday reminder looks a lot more attractive now.


  1. this loook is really cool....
    seems theu have a taken a leaf off facebook...
    i would love to see orkut too introduce apps as in facebook....

  2. I would actually hate apps in Orkut. I love Orkut's simplicity. Facebook is very cluttered and difficult to use.

  3. Oh I beg to differ.....Facebook is more exciting, interactive and has some ood groups...Orkut seems more for the 'youth-youth'...:)

  4. @ aries_lady - Orkut seems more for the 'youth-youth'? I think the same about Facebook. And no, Facebooks isn't exciting. It is overexciting!


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