Thursday, July 19, 2007

Raneh Falls Khajuraho

The smaller falls at Raneh. The larger and smaller falls run all through the year. Other seasonal falls appear during monsoons. The guide tells us they are too numerous to count.

Khajuraho is largely known for the temples built by the Chandella kings circa 1000 AD and the erotic connotations that these temples have now acquired. However, very few people know that there are other places of tourist interest in and around Khajuraho.

River Ken (pronounced ‘cane’) is one of the more prominent rivers of central India. About 20 KMs from Khajuraho, an alligator national park has been set up along the banks of this river. The alligators are not native to Ken. Crocodiles are. But since both species require the same kind of environment to flourish, the forest department relocated alligators (ghariyal) from Lucknow into the river Ken. Since the monsoon season is the breeding season for most animals, the national park was closed when we visited. However the Raneh Falls were delight enough.

Raneh falls is located just where the national park starts. It is an exquisite waterfall formed by river Ken running over one of the oldest rocks on earth, the Vindhya basalt. The black and pink basalt rock provide a wondrous landscaping to the gushing monsoon waters.

River Ken.

The photograph is deceptive. Those rock faces are more than 200 feet high.

The larger falls.

Water in the canyon. This drop was again 200 ft deep.

Man wearing traditional cap made of mahua leaves.

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