Die Hard Four Point Zero Beta

I went watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday and as we (my friend and I) were standing in the lounge waiting for the movie to begin, my eyes rested on a poster for the new Bruce Willis movie – Die Hard 4.0. That just those two words, and two digits and a dot were perhaps more entertaining than the entire Harry Potter movie.

I mean, what were they thinking? 4.0? Is it some kind of software they are selling? Are they planning to come out with something like Die Hard, with bug fixes and enhanced security features next?

While they are at it, they might as well start releasing beta versions of their movies. Then the public can watch it and make feature requests or even report bugs. The final movie that will come out (no doubt in four different flavors – Die Hard 4.0 Lite, Die Hard 4.0 Pro, Die Hard 4.0 Business and Die Hard 4.0 Ultimate editions) will be perfect and free of all glitches.

And maybe they out to make it open source. Anyone can download and modify and redistribute as long as the original credits are rolled in duplicate. And since it is open source, Bruce Willis should make himself available to anyone who wishes to make modifications to the climax or perhaps make small alterations to that dirty vest that he wears. People may some out with customized Enterprise Editions of the movie which charge you money not for the movie but for the support services.

Die Hard 4.0 is amazing! I’m eagerly waiting for!


  1. to tu dekh lega..........main poochhta hoon, 4.0 nikal diya but kahaan hai?

  2. Nahi nahi. Harry Potter is good. A post on that is in the offing. I'm no big fan of Potter movies, but this one is perhaps the best of them all and quite good.

  3. i heard something about 2 talibani agencies have messed up the servers and search algoriths. bush cannot access "i luv pakistan" community. the porn industry has collapsed. osama is having one helluva of a time with his morse codes.now, wht will happen? but, google has already filed a case against it saying that their search algorithms cannot be hampered!


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