Thursday, June 07, 2007

An Evening in Paris

For a change, this is not something that I wrote. One of my very good friends, Swetank, went to Paris a few days back. Here is something that he wrote about the city. Also, am real sorry for the cliched title. But after all, we all fall for stereotypes.

But I must tell you, Paris moves me. For one, though I thought I wouldn't fall for the stereotype that Paris is a lovers' paradise, I did. It is. I agree. Maybe it is because the others also think so, and there are so many of them from all nationalities over there that the atmosphere is such, but whatever the reason being, and after having been in 9 cities in the past 20 days, I can safely say it is. But more than that, it moves me. It is a feeling that I cannot describe. Paris moves me from deep within (a feeling that really dies down if you are in the company that I was in - am not going with those guys again), it stirs a desire, a slow, intoxicating, smiling, desire to live, to draw, to paint, to write, to walk, to feel with my eyes closed, the sounds, the wind, to go into a state of hibernation that is deliriously happy at the same time. A desire to live and to keep living. To kiss, to embrace, to watch the sky for hours at end, to lie down in the open and not move for days, to continue walking and never stop till I reach the end of the world. I really cannot express it, and I haven't felt it fully because I was trying to cover all the popular and some not so popular stops in two days, but I know that feeling I felt in some moments I had.

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