Friday, January 12, 2007


Company’s Growth

The Company wants growth. More revenue each year, more employees, more customers, more offices, in more countries, more production, more sale and more advertising. Imagine. If humanity is to survive, population would have to stabilize in a few years. So there will be a fixed number of individuals on this earth. Suppose you manufacture soap. If there are only a fixed number of individuals on earth, you can only sell them a fixed number of soap bars. Okay, there is competition so you will want to capture more and more market share. Suppose you vanquish all your competition and become the only soap manufacturing company in the world. What will happen to your growth then? How will you grow? You will advertise and make everyone bathe thrice a day. Okay, but what after that? How will you sell more soap?

You may increase the quality of soap. But heck, it is just soap right? It cleans. Increase the quality? How? Increase the price without reason, maybe.

Personal Growth

I start earning. I want to earn more and more. I work 16 hours a day, seven days a week. I earn more. I am happy because I’m growing. And no! It is not just growth in terms of money!! I’m already earning so much that a salary raise does not matter anymore. I’m learning, you see. I am leaning how to set up new offices. I’m learning how to set up new businesses, I’m meeting new and new people and I’m traveling to new and new places.

And I keep doing all of that until I die. What then? Well, it ends. If it has to end anyhow why begin it? Why endure it? Do I really get anything out of it? Do I get anything that I can keep? How long can I keep it? How long can anyone keep it?

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