Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why Pesticides?

Why do the cola companies put pesticides in their soft drinks? This is one of those aspects of modern culture which is so unbelievably ludicrous that no one actually perceives it as funny. In fact no one ever bothers to answer this question.

Why indeed do they put pesticides in cola? Let me look at the possible reasons. Not that I know the answer. I’m just trying to be funny and failing miserably.

A. For taste. This is possible. Pesticides might make the taste of cola better and distinct. But then, of all things in this world why do you need to have pesticides in cola? There are a plethora of food items available that might enhance the taste. People put spices in their food to improve the taste. McD puts animal fat in vegetarian stuff to enhance the taste. That is understandable if not entirely moral. But pesticides? Why in the world? In any case it is not because of the taste that people drink cola. People drink it because, well, people drink it. I have never understood the concept of a cold drink but let me not bring in my personal prejudices into the issue. People drink cola because it is marketed so aggressively.

B. As preservatives. As far as I know there are preservatives available which are relatively harmless and do the same job as pesticides would do. Perhaps pesticides are cheaper and these ‘drinkable’ preservatives are not. That would make sense. But then, fellows, you are already selling a half rupee product at seven or eight rupee a bottle. Using the stuff that you are allowed to use would not reduce your profit margin by much would it? Maybe it would. Well then, increase the prices. The idiots who drink a half rupee sugared aerated pesticidal water at seven or eight rupees a bottle wouldn’t mind shelling out a couple of bucks more. In fact, imagine what a ball your advertising section can have! New improved cola with active preservatives! And you can raise the prices by two rupees before the launch and then give a discount of a rupee on each bottle after the launch and imagine what advertising potential the whole thing has!

C. To kill pests. Yes, this is a distinct possibility too. The cola bottles might have pests and the company might be forced to put pesticides in to kill them. Perfectly logical. But then I’d wonder – why put it pests in cola in the first place?


  1. Daddoo, Are you OK? Ye sab kya hai?


  2. Hey dude! no one actually ADDS them! It's what they get for free with the ground and river water near farms!

  3. abe, jis paani se yeh coldrink banate hai, wsme pesticide rahte hai, humare yahan ke achhe agricultural practices which still allow use of pesticides like DDT. The fault of the cola companies is that they skip the cost of purifying it.