Monday, June 12, 2006

Arguments for Reservation

The above article argues that since merit cannot really be defined or is largely a farce in the present system, we should have reservations. Rather stupid I'd say. In the first place I don't agree with the point that IITs are a farce. The reason that they don't produce path breaking research is that well, none of the developing countries do. The reason is lack of world class infrastructure. It is a miracle that despite being in a developing nation IITs enjoy a brand value that they do.

Second, even if merit IS a farce, then it should automatically lead to reservations is a logic that is beyond me.

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  1. I agree, to a large extent. According to Annie Zaidi (who is actually a very good writer), we should just toss a pair of dice and decide on that basis. While there are a lot of flaws, I agree reservations isn't the solution. Or rather, I haven't heard a logical pro-reservation argument yet.