Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rob the Rich and Feed the Poor?

Is there no other way to achieve social justice than rob the rich and feed the poor? Can’t we just produce more food?

Instead of increasing the reservations can’t we increase the number of IITs? Perhaps start a new one just for the marginalized classes? We spend millions every year on TA/DAs and telephone bills for our parliamentarians who do nothing much anyway. Why not spend the money on more meaningful purposes? Why not increase the number of seats for prep-course students in IITs? I think prep course is a good idea. It is much better than direct quota admission. At least is gives students opportunity to reach a higher level of academic performance.

After all what is the purpose of reservation? Is it only providing opportunity? Providing opportunity is the means. The end that should be in sight is that the socially backward classes should attain same social status as others. When the means is no achieving the end, the means should be modified. If you push the wall, just pushing harder is not going to make it fall. You have to bring in a hammer. You have to modify your method.

So many years have passed since we’ve had reservations. If it has not worked, there is something wrong somewhere. Perhaps it does not work. Perhaps it is time to review the pros and cons and come up with modifications. Perhaps it is time for a real Mandal II and not a virtual one. We have had the least bad solution for such a long time now. Perhps it is time for a better solution.

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