Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Second Rejection

Sent "Comfortably Numb" to the same stupid magazine. This time they did not reject it on the basis of bad english. This is what they said : "Comfortably Numb" deals with a suicide that probably couldn't have been stopped by a friend of family member. The story gives no hope. While other publications might find this story to be enlightening, I found it merely depressing.

At least they did not say the story was bad.


  1. Don't feel so sad. I'm going to send them another one. Knock till the door opens - that is what I say.

  2. Yeah that's better...Try try till you succeed! :)

  3. Its an online SF magazine called Neo-opsis.


    I'm forced to be limited to these smaller and insignificant magazines because most of the good ones do not accept online submissions and the quality of my stories is good enough to take the trouble to send manuscripts to good ones.

  4. I read the submission guidelines. A very polite set of people and very clear guidelines. I'm quite impressed. Who cares if they aren't big shots?

    And from what I gather, they've replied to you quite civilly. Keep sending your stuff to them.