Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gender Woes?

A lot of people in my class are really pissed off by the fact that a lot of girls rely a lot on boys to get much of their work done. Girls try to be sweet to boys so that they can get some favours or advantages. Some guys are really pissed off by this behaviour. They feel that gilrs "use" boys in this way. Strangely, this annoyance comes only when this girl is not a friend of yours. If she is a friend, her dependence on you makes you feel all good inside. In fact, it probably becomes an important part of any romatic relationship. Boys like to be patronising and dote over their girls. Atul feels that a lot of romantic compatibility is decided by how much a guy likes to "parent" and how much a girl likes to rely on her boy. For a good relationship, they should have mutually compatible levels of dominance and submission (I hope this does not sound too kinky!! heh heh).

Human relations are strange!!

And please do not make any "feminist" comments on this one. This is an observation on what really happens and not on what should or should not happen.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Figure of Eight

I would like to link to Saumya's great story here.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Second Rejection

Sent "Comfortably Numb" to the same stupid magazine. This time they did not reject it on the basis of bad english. This is what they said : "Comfortably Numb" deals with a suicide that probably couldn't have been stopped by a friend of family member. The story gives no hope. While other publications might find this story to be enlightening, I found it merely depressing.

At least they did not say the story was bad.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

About My Stories

Many people have been complaining that I haven't been writing for a long time. Well, here goes, you asked for it! Being the egomaniac that I am, I'm gonig to write about my stories.



The Meteorite


The Black Hole


The Humanoid


Teleported to an Alien Planet


The Green Dread


A Cup of Coffee


Relics of the Past


A New Age


The Wormhole




The Stellar Reactor




A Different Reality


Life and Death




Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Let Me be Me


Ragging is Banned


To Ma'm With Love


Contemplations on a Leisurely Evening




Comfortably Numb


We Can Change You


The Probe


Ignorance is Bliss




Quantum Café




Given above is a chronological list of my writing. As you can see, it is quite a formidable list. Understandably so, because I’ve been writing since I was in class 8th. The reason that I present this list to you, apart from the fact that I want to generate curiosity and make you read my stuff, is that a lot of people have been pestering me to write something and I’m having that classical case of writers’ block. I haven’t posted anything worthwhile in almost a month now. I can always do that regular piece on writers’ block itself, but that has become quite a cliché now and I don’t want to do it. Perhaps I will do it sometime in the future, but not now.

My writing can broadly be divided into two categories, one, before coming here, and the second, obviously, after coming here. Before coming here my writing was mostly unguided. Nobody read my stuff and nobody commented on it. So I just wrote to please myself. If you look carefully at the list you’ll realize that I wrote 15 out of 28 stories before coming here, so clearly the fact that I like writing is more than enough to keep my writing going.

After having come here, there was a period of almost a year during which I wrote nothing. This was because I was in my first year of college. I think what I was doing at that time was trying to figure out where my interests lay and what it was that I wanted to do. Not that I’ve really figured that out as yet, perhaps I never will, but at least I know that writing is one thing that I’ll keep doing no matter what.

So when I did start writing again, the writing became guided. First and foremost, I got a small but regular audience over here. I even managed to get one story published in a magazine. Apart from that Suchitra madam has been more than kind in regularly reading my stuff, crappy as it is, and making some very useful suggestion every time. Thus, if you have been regularly reading my stuff you’ll realize that I’ve improved a lot during the last two years or so.

The earlier phase of my writing is characterized by a potboiler style writing with the same sort of plots. The plot was essentially like this: there is some problem created due to some technological advancement and the protagonist has to find some technological solution for it. I guess, I was writing this kind of fiction because of the kind of SF that I was reading and watching at that time. Michael Crichton was a great favorite of mine (still is, I guess) at that time. I loved movies like the Jurrasic Park and Godzilla. Of course, I was getting my dose of Asimov too and was well versed in my Robots and my Foundation, but you don’t expect a sixteen year old to think like Asimov, do you? Hell, I don’t expect anyone to think like Asimov.

So this trend continues even until the story Mirror Mirror on the Wall. After that, my work becomes more exploratory. I begin writing fiction that is of a different kind altogether. Although, this is not the first time that I’m doing this. Works like Gods and A Different Reality already show that I was capable of different kind of writing from the very beginning. Although I didn’t really do it on purpose at that time, something that I’ve begun doing now.

A lot of my writing in the second phase has been person oriented. I’ve tried to explore, in my own way how an individual interacts within a technology rich society. The classic stories of this type are Destiny, Let Me Be Me, Cybermind and Comfortably Numb. I’ve done some experimental writing too, as in Destiny where I try to write a story in second person.

I began to dabble in socio-realistic fiction too. As in To Ma’am With Love and Ignorance is Bliss. But I assure you, this is not my favored mode of writing.

I guess, the most distinguishing feature of my recent writing has been the focus on the individual. Individuals en-masse appear to be doing a very different sort of stuff than what really motivates them at a more personal level. This is something that really fascinates me. At the level of a society one may attribute certain causes for certain things that may not really be applicable at the individual level. And that varied individual behaviors can lead to behaviors on a mass scale that more or less make sense is another fascinating fact. In other words, I have the suspicion that Asimov’s psychohistory may actually exist. In one line the focus of my society is the individual and not the society. And this is primarily because I do not understand the society well. I’m not a social creature. Rather, as Atul says, I’m “anti-social” in the sense that I interact with very few people around me. Its bad, but that’s just how I am.

Any of you who want to read any of these stories should just drop me a mail. IF you want to be part of my readers’ list so that you get all of my future stories for free, you may drop me a mail for that too.

Desktop Eyecandy

Some of my friends know that I'm a self proclaimed desktop eyecandy expert. Here is some of my work for your viewing pleasure.