Wednesday, January 18, 2006

SMS Lingo?

This is a classic example of the kind of crap that people post on email these days in the name of SMS lingo or whatever (whatevha?) Names have been replaced by ##. To add, not only do I find such messages infinitely irritating, I also take them as the indicators of the mental level of the writer. If you can't even type, what else can you do in life?

heya ol!....
wel wel i excluded from da grp...or da grp
is really dormant!!???....apologies fr nt chipping in
da grp discussions fr a real long tym nw!....

wishing #### and #### a very happy birthday fm ol
dose who dinno as well as who've olready wished
em'(like me!)....m a day late in sending dis e-mail

#### as many f u must not be knowing had an amazing
NEW YEARS nd BIRTHDAY BASH!!!...hahhaa....guess
wha!!!....his exams were on!!:):).....buh
unfortunately as m writing this e-mail,he is appearing
for his last paper 2day....
......####,wish u hav such enjoyable birthdays every
....hahhaa...jz cant frget da gloomy voice i heard
yesterday on da phone while talkin ta ya!!...

ugh!!..m in da practical lab in college n da teacher
has come back!...gta start wrking on da assignment

catchya guyz later!.....


  1. Well those shortened forms save a lot of money while sending sms or that's how it started at least.

  2. yupp I agree with Sindhu on the origin but it is irritating when they bring it onto emails and other forms of communication.

  3. I know whose Mail is it. It's ###### (The Name has been withheld. Unsurprisingly, it's a 'She'). And Vinod, do you think you need a crap mail like that to determine her intellectual capacity. Probably you haven't heard too much about her sense of humour then. Try chatting with her once. Believe me, you'd bang your head on the Monitor.

  4. hussain why not see ur sense of humour before commentin on others... believe me when ppl read ur mail thts wht they do... dude stop commentin on others and check urself first... and vinod it was real CHEAP of u to paste some 1s mail who at some point of time was ur classmate... give some respect to her man... u've changed like hell..

  5. I never revealed the identity of this person. The mail was taken only as an example and the comments that I've made apply to anybody who indulges in such practices. I agree that this act of mine was cheap. I do get carried away sometimes.

  6. y??? y post some1 elses e-mail?? thats not nice not even the same zipcode of nice x-(
    @ husaain thrs no need to tell every1 whether its she or he no1's interested in that i guess. be nice man, any crap on grp may do but not here.what u wrote is crap.

    ps : vinod u seem to be The only nice guy in that grp so take care in future n dont get carried away so easily :P