Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Single Track Life

It is surprising how many people in this world consider life to be a single track lane. Read the first two comments on my previous post. Both these readers have difficulty in connecting religion with science. And perhaps rightly so. That is how these people and even myself have been bred to think.

However life is not a single track road. It does not walk down a fixed lane. Furthermore life is not a binary tree comprising solely of mutually exclusive decisions at each node. Life is a web – inseparably interlinked in all its parts. Perhaps more than we can imagine.

Person one says that religion is a personal matter. I propose a correction. That is how one would like it to be. However, the reality is that it is not merely a personal matter. In all times and ages men have been ready to kill and die for religion. Also, even if it is a personal matter, such personal matters deeply affect what people do in various circumstances. Scientists for example have their own religious beliefs and these beliefs strongly reflect in their scientific beliefs as well. Science like everything else is also a human endeavor. Unlike what most people think science is not all that objective about the reality that it is trying to investigate and the reason is simple. It is men who do science. Men who are never free of their own prejudices and presumption. This is a reality that has yet to be understood by many.

On the same token, the mystic and the scientist are both humans. Both are trying to satisfy their curiosity. The method that they follow is different. However the kinds of questions that they ask are the same. Both are interested in understanding the nature of reality.

One of the worst philosophies that modern science has brought into vogue is that of reduction to essentials. Humans have learnt to make compartments. This is science, this is religion. Economics, politics, sociology, psychology, technology. We go on making compartments. But the truth is that all these things are related both in themselves and in the fact that all of these are human endeavors limited by human limitation.


  1. It would be a triumph if both religion and science come together and co-exist .

  2. Good one Vinod. They are intertwined indeed.

    But I disagree with Sindhu when she says she wants religion and science to come together. They are, in a way, together, and I am not sure it's good that way.

  3. @ Anirudh, In some countries, religion/religious personnel at some point object science and intervenes with it's functions and thinks it's irrelevent to ask questions.

  4. LIfe isi't a single track thing.
    I admit it!!!
    Sorry but I did not go thru' your post completely, as I'm not very intrested in these kindda thoughts, So...

  5. @Sindhu: If religion is interfering with science, isn't it better we keep them apart?

  6. err .. am i late?
    yes, to me religion is a personal matter. it isnt that i wud LIKE it to be. it IS like that with me.

    and about science and belief. It wud be really unfortunate if someone is looking at the truth and refuse to belive it js coz his belief doesnt permit him to. Or tries to twist it according to his belief. wud u call that science?

    agreed that life is a web but does it seems prudent enough to mix two strands in which one chokes the other??

  7. @ Anirudh - Religion in many ways intereferes with the scientific pursuits. All I wish is that they should me more accomadating towards science.

  8. Maybe you could have told why you think everything is related. And how exactly are things limited...

  9. Maybe you could start blogging again.

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