Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Don't Need God

I’m not what you’ll call a religious person. I don’t go to the temple. I can live without poojas in my home. I do not believe that I will get punished or rewarded if I do this and not do that. I don’t deny got nor do I affirm Him. I just don’t need Him.

Either God exists or he does not.

Assume God exists. The Universe then works according to natural laws, according to Gods whims or is random. If Universe is random, thinking about religion or science or any other thing for that matter is not going to do any good to me. What will happen, will happen and there is nothing I can do or learn about it. If the Universe moves according to natural laws, a systematic study will reveal them and the fact the God exists is not going to affect me at all in any way. If the Universe works according to Gods whims then either these are predictable or they are not. If they are predictable, they can be systematically studied and hence will fall under the purview of science hence the above argument about natural laws will apply. This is actually the point where religion and science come into conflict. Religion claims to be one such systematic study, but has no scientific backing. I’ll go with science in this case. In the case that Gods whims are random, the arguments about random Universe apply.

Assume God does not exist. Then the Universe is random or is bound by natural laws. The above arguments can be evoked. Thus in all cases, I don’t need God. I’m perfectly happy without Him. I don’t need Him to motivate me to behave humanely. I don’t want that extra bit without deserving it so I don’t pray. Call me an atheist if you will, but I never said God does not exist.


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  2. Yeah, I also doubt a supernatural thing popularly known as GOD.Everything in this world can be related to science. From making of Earth to evolution of living things to evolution of humans to production of food to surival of man - everything has got a strong scientific backup with itself. I relate everything to ENERGY, the prime thing that runs this world - It transforms and changes our world.......... What say?

  3. Does that mean you are agnostic?

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  4. Hey Vinod! I'd read this ghazal(have missed out a couple of shers though) a few days ago, by Basheer Badr. Obviously it doesnt prove you logically wrong (I swear! I won't dare try doing that) but it does say something about that mystiqued belief, as well as the arrogant disbelief people have in god.

    Here's how it goes:-

    "Khuda kisi ko aisi khudai na de..
    Ke apne siva kuch dikhai na de..

    Mujhe aisi jannat nahi chahiye..
    Jaha se madeena dikhai na de..

    Ghulami ko barqat samajhne lage..
    Ghulamo ko aisi rihaaee na de..

    Khuda aise ehsaas ka naam hai..
    Rahe saamne aur dikhai na de.."

  5. what a bull shit convercasion is going on here.. we all know that the supernatural things mostly happened but these are no God because this happened due to some thing that we can not perceive and the solution is also here just log on here...