Thursday, October 20, 2005

IITK Lingo

Just read a blog about the IIT Madras lingo a little while ago. Now the natural feeling of rivalry between the IITs prompts me to write an account of the lingo of my own IIT - IIT Kanpur. There are a few random records of IITK lingo available on the net but they are obscure and somewhat old. I don't think there is any other blog on the topic.

I'll try to be as comprehensive as is possible but if I miss out on something please be kind enough to tip me off.
  • Arbit: stems from arbritary. Used to describe anything strange or un-understandable. After exams - Kya arbit paper tha! (What an arbit paper). Since this slang is so popular throughout India, I don't really need to explain it.
  • Bakait: someone who is very smart and confident. Also used to describe any kind of good quality in the person. For example Sachin is a bakait criketer. As pointed out in one of the comments, Bakait used to be a derogatory word. Now it can be both, depending on usage.
  • Bhasad (rhymes with gadbad of hindi): any kind of chaos. If some stage program has gone wrong - bhasad mach gayi. If there is a big gathering with apparantly no reason - Bhasad ho rahi hai. The adjective of this is Bhasadu - one who maks bhasad. If a guy is very notorious - Bhasadu aadmi hai. Bhasad is the most unique slang that I've every heard.
  • Bulla: the thing that a group of young people does when it has nothing else to do. Bulla means chatting and I'm not talking about the online one. Bulla may range from merely killing time (The weather is quite nice today) to making lewd comments about girls (You don't want an example of this) to serious discussion on the national foriegn policy to making fun of that one bakra in your wing.
  • Chapu: this is another slang that is most frequently used. It is an adjective to denote greatness of anything. A famous person is chapu, delicious food is chapu, a ten pointer is chapu, a four pointer is chapu too (in ironic sense), Sachin is chapu cricketer, Godfather is chapu movie.

    One thing to understand is that Bakait and Chapu are a bit different. For one, Bakait is used mostly for people. Also, Bakait is used to denote strength in character or persona. Chapu is more widely used.
  • Dassu: He is The One, he is the elite amongst the elite, he has almost a demigod status, he is the one who has enough guts to challenge the mighty professors who control the life of an IITian, he is the Ten Pointer. Everyone wants to be him, whether they would admit it or not. But only the chosen ones have it in them. Hail all Dassus.
  • GPL: Gand pe laat. The practice of lifting people up by arms and legs and then beating the ass out of them by kicking them on their buts. Done customarily on birthdays and other moments of happiness like job selections, successful completion of the even for which you are the coordi, and sometimes just for fun.
  • Junta: this is one word that is used most by IITK students, mostly because it is understood outside the hostel too. Not to mention that it is one of the few decent words that we use. This one word encompasses all sorts of gatherings of men and women that you can imagine.
    • Aaj class mein junta bahut kam hai! (There is very less junta in the class today!)
    • Yaar, junta sari bewakoof hoti hai. (Yaar, all junta is stupid)
  • Lassu: the classic flirt. He lives not in the hostel alloted to him but in or near the girls' hostel. The lassu would not leave any opportunity to interact with girls.

    The verb is lasna which means to flirt. Lasna is also used in contexts where someone is giving undue attention to someone. For example if the maggu is asking too many questions to the prof after class - wo prof se las raha hai.
  • Maggu: a guy who studies a lot. Usually despised by nost of his classmates, this is the guy who scores a lot and does nothing other than sit in his room or library and read books. Is usually characterised by a lower (relatively) level of IQ but a mind boggling memorising power. If the professor disallowed indian standards in the class, this gu would be unperturbed because he would have already mugged them up. Never, ever call an IITian a maggu.

    A related word is magai which is what a maggu does. Magai is also used in a lighter sense for normal studies.
  •  Tel: Tel machana is to bungle something up. If you have screwed a mid-sem then paper tel ho gaya. If you cul-secy possesses the brain of a Dodo then Antaragni tel ho jayegi.

    The noun form is Telu. As in - that person is a big Telu. Or by the above example, the cul-secy is a Telu.
  • Tulla: now outdated, it refers to roaming around with nothing to do. It is usually done around the girls' hostel or atleast passes near it. Is normally associated with bulla. Tulla is very important for those rare couples in IIT. I don't know why but all couples at IITK are always on the move. The commonn variant of Tulla is toolna - eg Chalo toolne chalte hain. When a guy is roaming with a girl - Woh bandi tula raha hai.

    This word had become extinct for some while in IITK. When I was in my first year nobody taught me this. Then we met an alumnus who used this slang. None of us could understand. An elaborate search on the net revealed the secret. The word is becoming popular again along with its variants.

    Note: With the continued efforts of me and my friends, this word has been revived. This is my fifth year at campus and this word is now popular.

I think I've covered a lot of words. I cannot think of anymore. If someone points out, I'll add them later. The interesting fact to be noted is that most of the IITK lingo comes from Hindi unlike other colleges where a lot of lingo is derived from English. The reason is that most junta of IITK comes from UP and Bihar. The influence of Hindi is but obvious.


  1. Pretty much same goes around in IITB,except of course some additions and subtractions.
    Damn! Seems I'll have to write one too!
    And yes I am from IITB.

  2. Ya telu is very much alive along with chapu and bakch**d

  3. its not bhasadu.. its bhasadi.. and yeah I know coz I am frm K itself..

  4. 'Bakait' *used* to be derogatory, typically referring to someone who can't actually back up their claims

  5. Thanks Mahesh, since this post seems to be a much visited one from google search, I would probably make the addition to this post. I have to add telu to it too, as pointed out by Mridula. :) Perhaps this will become the definitive dictionary of IITK Lingo on the net :D

  6. It would be great if you add 'hagod/haggu' and its variants to this list!

  7. @Soumil: I'm afraid I might have become a bit rustic with this now. Been too many years since I graduated. If you could write a short paragraph I'd be happy to add it here with attribution. :) Thanks for dropping by!

  8. you forgot to mention " KELA" in chutiya kat gaya types...Bhokal..Bhokali ..same as bacait...etc..

  9. Add LPG (as in L#$% pe Ghoosa) ... used to be pretty popular 15yrs back ... used in conjunction with GPL.

  10. Phodu ... similar to Chapu

  11. Bond?
    Mom-sis kardiya?