Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Have One Too

A Fifty Five Word Story
(I really hope I can stick to the word limit here)

Believe it or not, God actually gives personal audience to every soul before damnation. He's God, after all! He can twist space and time to his liking! But each is allowed only one question. He's god after all! He's got an entire Universe to worry about!

So, I asked - why?

God knitted his brows and appeared to think.

"Come to think of it" he said "it really is an interesting question. Howcome I never thought of it?"

It turns out that MS Word actually shows the word count to be 78. I hate MS Word. No human would have bothered (or had the patience) to count. I hate MS Word anyway! However, I guess this is a passable fifty five word story? I tag nobody.

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