Wednesday, October 05, 2005



We were hiding on a small planet of a small star of a small galaxy at he periphery of the galactic cluster. We were frightened and thus low on our energy. WE were frightened of the Rebels who had overthrown our government and taken over. They were searching for us - to capture us. We would all be put into places they call prisons and then ... no, they don't kill us. They feed on our energy. They had machines that could extract our energy, against our wish and leave us drained.

To be devoid of energy is a horrible experience. A non-sensitive being cannot understand it. It does not cause physical pain, no, that can be easily cured with medicines. Rather, it overwhelms you with utter despair. The feelings of depression, frustration, nervousness all plague you at once.

But we were in no better condition hiding on this planet. We were all low on our energy, except some grown-ups like dad. All the para energetic machines which work with living energy were dead. They would have made our hide-out perfectly safe. But no one could run them. so low were we on our energy that we actually had to eat to sustain ourselves. That we would have to droop to such a low level of sustenance had been beyond the imagination of any. Nevertheless we had to do it.

All this made dad take the decision. We'll leave - he declared. Everyone was anxious. WE were going to leave - to where? There was nowhere to go. Whole of the cluster was occupied with the Rebels.

"Can't we stay here?" I asked.

Mom shook her head. The Rebels had come to know our whereabouts. They were coming for us. Dad and his men were eluding them with their gadgetry but it would not be long before they found us.

So we left for the eternal void. The space that had always existed and would always exist engulfed us. Hid us, among its many secrets.

We travelled, I don't know for how long, one loses all sense of time in a spaceship. But the chrono told us it was one month. One month! We could have circled our cluster many times over in that time. And yet, we had not reached anywhere. At least our energy levels had revived. WE had to eat no more. When your energy is high you do not need to eat to sustain yourself. Our para-energetic machines were operable and we were using them to locate life. But they told us that there was no energy controlling life in the radius of a million light years.

At last we found a galaxy. A small one. I liked it the moment i saw it on screen. It was very small, almost cute. All alone in space, it did not have a cluster to belong to. My eyes gleamed with the light emitted by it.

I plucked a flower - it was violet-pink - and smelt it. It was a strange but sweet smell. I liked this place instinctively. I liked the trees here, the animals here, the tiny insects that climbed onto my hand and crawled on it.

Our men were inspecting the surroundings. I wondered whether the planet had intelligent life. It would be fun, I mused, to know what archaic life forms were like. We had evolved to energy controlling beings about 10000 years ago. Civilized man before that could not control energy.

Suddenly there was a movement in the bushes and a man appeared. He was humanoid in shape. He had a stick in his hand with a pointed metal tip. Later I came to know it was called a spear.

"We would live here!" Dad said.

"What! With animals?" Mom exclaimed.

Sarah showed me her colored pebbles. She was delighted to have them. One by one she would take them out from her bag and show them to me. She had done it several times. Each time I watched her childish play with patience. At the age of seven when I was struggling with calculus, she was playing with stones.

She asked me to show the magic. It was no magic, actually. Anybody having the energy could do it. I placed the pebbles on the rock and with mere thought lifted them up. Then I put them down. Sarah clapped. She was delighted.

These people were so primitive. All of them. Sarah called me son of god. My father was god for them. And so were all of us, the two hundred odd people who had come with my father on that ship. WE ruled the natives. WE had tried to teach them. They had learned to read and write, and a few other techniques but had failed to learn more. Their mental level was too low. A single generation has a limit to the knowledge it can assimilate. Only with time would their race learn more.

Our control of the energy was magic to them. We could live without eating. Lift things in air. Had vehicles that could fly. So, we were gods.

I liked these people, whatever they were. I liked Sarah. She was my age and a nice playmate.

I looked at Sarah as she dried her hair in the sun. I was awestruck, mesmerized. She was utterly beautiful. She had never looked so gorgeous in the fifteen years I had known her. I suppose it was the effect of our youth.

I went up to her and held her hand.

"Come!" I said.

She gave me a questioning look but followed me. We almost ran to where Dad and Mom were sitting. They were startled as we entered suddenly.

"I'm marrying her" I declared.

Mom was shocked.

"What in the ... you can't do this son!" She protested. But father silenced her.

"You can't help it" he said "this had to happen, one day or the other."

I felt anxious. Sarah was going to deliver our baby. It was our first time and I was tense. Finally, the news came. I had become the father of a son. He was brought up to me. He moved his tiny limbs but had no halo. The halo that surrounded every energy controlling creature. I looked at my mother.

"He doesn't feel the energy" my Mom said softly.

I looked back at my son. It did not matter. He was my son all the same. He did not need energy in this world.

I saw a ship land near our town. From the make I knew it was from our galaxy and the occupants were friends.

Their leader met me in private. They wanted us to return. They had re-established their rule and needed the much learned men in our group. to reconstruct our civilization. After the death of my father I was the leader of the group and had the right to summon everyone back home.

I looked at Sarah. She could not go with me. She could not have survived among energy controlling creatures. Neither did she want to leave this place. I looked at my son. He was playing with his friend. He was about eight at that time. He seemed to have acquired all the traits of his mother. Though hos brain was sharper he was perfectly like the natives. So were the many offsprings of those who had followed my suit. All these could not leave this place.

Of course I could leave my family here and go. They could not have stopped me. I could marry my own kind and settle down with another family. But I had some duty toward Sarah and my son. More than that, in fact more than anything else, I loved them.

"All those who wish" I said "may leave. I'm going nowhere. I have a family here. We people have no place in what is now your world."

They tried to convince me but in vain. Many remained and many left. Mostly old ones who could not forget their real abode.

So I lived on happily with Sarah and my son. Until my time came and I became one with the energy. We people are unlike the natives, we exist even after death, in another plane of existence. We can see and hear all that is in this world, but we have no material form.

So I watched this world in that dream like existence. My son had his sons and they, theirs. My tribe faded out. Time passeed on and on and on.

Thousands of years have passed. My heirs have developed - their culture has developed - their science has developed. They have even reached out to space, if only to the singular satellite of their planet.

And some of them say - It is said that once there were gods. They could do anything. They could lift things without touching them and had vehicles that could fly. Ah, but I don't believe in all this. Its all a myth. One should believe only in scientific facts. There are no gods, no miracles.

I listen to them and I smile at their ignorance. That is all I can do now.






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  2. hey, have you been reading Erich Von Deniken's books off late?
    Chariots of Gods?According to the evidence?

    The theme seems to be the same