Wednesday, September 21, 2005

That Male Stare

All males stare at females. Even I do. It's a reflex action with me. A girl passes me and my eyes, like an automaton, follow her till she's out of sight. It's like I'm programmed! I just can't help it. These days I hardly notice it. It barely registers in my mind.

But I really wonder what girls actually feel about it? Do they feel annoyed, with so many people staring at them? Do they feel pleased? Or has it stopped bothering them anymore? Just like I barely notice that I'm staring at a girl.

Is this behaviour part of the natural human mating behaviour. I mean, you got to check out as many females as you can, before choosing a mate, right? Or is it a habit that I've picked up from my peers and do it just because everyone else does?

And finally, is it good, or bad, or neither?


  1. That's a very difficult question to answer.

  2. Hey Vinod,

    I must say that this is one of the best blogs I have come across.

    Thanks for keeping my interest in reading blogs alive.

  3. For one its perfectly natural to stare at chicks. Second obviously its all right, otherwise how would we procreate. Thirdly, chicks check out guys all the time.

  4. I've had this argument with myself and some of my friends for a very long time. The most often heard comment is that girls like being appreciated in that way.

    Of course, being a guy, that is a very convinient argument for me. End of discussion right? Well not so....

    Another argument is that it is natural. Hey, we don't have to think about it so it must be right. We are programmed to do it. I would not argue that there is probably SOME element of programming in it. The debate of how much of it is societal conditioning vs. how much of it is programmed, is for another day.

    But both the arguments break down, atleast to me, after some thought. Running around naked was natural to animals, and early humans. So why don't we all do it? Well we have this veneer we have over this, we makes us civilized. If we think about it, civilization is all about - masking our baser instincts - don't shout when you get angry, don't run naked etc...

    Now the first argument. Imagine yourself standing in a auditorium. You are there to make a presentation and this is your time with this speech. You have the eyes of hundreds of people on you. You are obviously looking for their approval. But still those eyes, they make you nervous, and apprehensive. I guess EVEN if girls crave the attention from the "checking" out it still makes then unconfortable - like it would make it, if someone was staring at me.

    Finally, the argument that girls appreciate the attention has come only from guys. Do I hear a self serving argument here? Many times I have heard my female friends complain about some other person - being a lecher. I have my doubts about this argument.

  5. Well, speaking from a women's POV. We do check out guys also...and to a certain extent don't mind men looking at us. Its all human nature and instints.

    But it's different when a man looks at a women...whereby he is clearly un-dressing her in his pathetic head. It's like he is thinking...but not from his head. Now thats what is disgusting and extreamly offensive.

    If you think women don't undertand what, why and where you are staring..then you are sadly mistaken.

    There is a FINE but DISTINCTIVE line between natural and patheitic behaviour (atleast in this case)

  6. Well..I would say its more of the hormones playing on.