Friday, April 22, 2005

Reminiscence of a Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day. A horrible one. In the morning itself I had an extra class. Now, with the end sems but a couple of days away, you can imagine my consternation at that. I got into a very bad mood as the professor continued to waste our time inconsiderately. He even took a quiz. Now what is the use of a quiz just before an end sem is beyond me. Its perhaps beyond him too. In my opinion people just forget to take quizzes and in the end they are reminded of the vacant column in the grade sheet and they have to fill it up so they take a quiz.

Then when I came back I immediately met Ankan in the mess hall. I snapped at the sight of him. This is another guy who is pissing me off regularly. Now, why should I work for Meander when the end sems are just round the corner. Had he asked me to work a couple of weeks ago I would have sat him in his room and delivered Meander to him packed and decorated. But no, he sks me to work when my greatest concern is not to get a backlog this semester. It makes me feel bad - because I have to constantly refuse him. I have to constantly hurt his feelings. I do not derive pleasure out of hurting others. But if you put me in a situation where I must - then I must.

Anyway, I did have to go to the printer. Atul Jain was with me. I do not have any complaints against him this time. He did his work well. But then I had to hurt him too. It was getting late and I was too eager to get back home. I refused to work in his face. Sometimes I feel that I am just feeding my ego at the expense of these people. I know that they need me and I know that I'm under no obligation to do their work. So I talk to them as if they are nobodys. I ridicule them. I deride them. How pathetic I am.

But then, when you have a bad day, all sort of things happen.

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  1. Aww man. You have a blog. Good work. You can be rest assured you have one regular reader now. Hows life treating you Vinod? I'm sure you remember me, we had some interesting times together.

    Behzad Larry