My First Post Ever

This is my first post ever. It is incomprehensible why people ever test thigs like this. After all thousands of people are using this site and it must be working fine. Still, I have to test it. Human nature is strange. Perhaps the cheif motif behind this testing is to have a blog as soon as possible so that I can look at it and feel happy. That makes sense. Why wait untill you have something to write? Just test right away and have a blog ready. So here goes . . .
The last three dots remind me of something. A habit with people that I hate. Some people never frame proper sentences when they write e mails. They will just keep on putting dots. Like this -
Hi . . . how r u . . . hope you are fine . . . i wanted to write . . . but coudn't . . .
I hate this. Its sooooooooooo irritating. Perhaps people do this so that they get time to think between two sentences. Some people cannot think while they write. Such people are not good writers. Good writers can ususally think well while they write. Like me. :-) In fact I think better while I'm writing.
I think that is all. I wonder if someone will read this. Should advertise this URL in my signature.


  1. Hi...I liked ur blog...unlike you, i am not such a good writer, hence the dots...nice blog of luck.

  2. Kaustubh NyalkalkarSeptember 05, 2005 5:59 AM

    You write well. Read all your posts till date, I think. However, a question that I would like to pose: are you really self-obsessed or obsessed with being self-obsessed :)


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