Saturday, April 23, 2005

About Behzad

Today I talked to Behzad on messenger. It brought back some very sweet memories from my childhood. He was one of my good friends in school. The time I'm talking of is sometime around class 8. I remember him as a lively and intelligent boy. I remember us discussing Disney's Lion King. I had seen it recently at that time and he was the only other person who loved to talk about it. I remember him doing a lively imitation of those hyenas for me. He even had a small novel adaptation of the film which he lent me often to read.
There are actually very few people in this world whom I like. I would like to characterize them but I cannot. Its just too difficult. Lets see - intelligence? That is highly subjective. But I think my friends are always intelligent. And non conventional. My friends are always strange people. For I am strange too. But then, I guess, everyone is strange.
Lets get back to Behzad. He's studying History. I wish I could do it. If there is something nice about the American life - its the freedom to study what you want to study. I am really happy that Behzad can do it. Not stuck up with stereotypes like me in India.
There is a 90% probability that Behzad will read this post. I hope he'd like it and we can remake our friendship from now. Not to mention that I want to do higher studies and perhaps he can help me. ;-)
People tell me that Civil people from my institute do not get a schol for higher studies. So they tell me not to prepare for GRE. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps I should not. I don't know. Nothing else attracts me. I thought about all my options in detail and this is the only prospect that excites me. I might end up doing something else, I don't know. Is there a point in trying if there is not chance of success? Is there not a chance of success? Do I have courage enough to face the odds against me? Are the odds really against me? A lot of questions . . .

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  1. I do believe this is the first blog entry I've ever read about me. I liked the post :) The main reason I love American liberal arts education system is that you can do whatever you like, instead of being forced into a rut and follow one subject, you can really be well rounded.

    I see no harm in taking the GRE. I plan to take it when the time comes. I want to do my Masters in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. I'm aiming for the US Foreign Service for the future. So it all ties in.