Vinod Khare is currently a graduate student majoring in Geodetic Science with a focus on Computer Vision from The Ohio State University. He has B Tech in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Writing is a passion and a way of life for Vinod. He likes to write about subjects that are most dear to him -- movies, books, comics and science fiction and fantasy. But he keeps an open mind and would write about most things under the sun. He urges you to take a look at the categories section of this blog to get an idea of what Wanderlust is all about.


  1. Hi Vinod,
    I have linked your blog wanderlust from the Best Portal of Indore City.
    Hope you won't mind. Thank you.

  2. No, I don't mind at all. Thanks for linking to my blog.

  3. Dear Vinod,

    It's my pleasure that you find my blog KAVITAAYAN of your interest. Thanks for linking.

    Please do keep viewing and favour your valued comments on mywork.

    Mukesh K. Tiwari


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