Sunday, January 02, 2000


Writing Frequency

The frequency of posting on Wanderlust is variable. I try to write one entry every other day. I do manage to average about 3 to 4 posts per week. Thus, a good frequency to visit Wanderlust is weekly. Of course, if you're tracking this on feeds then there is no problem.


The linkbar on the top of this blog will help you navigate around this blog. You can return to this help page by cliking the help tab on the linkbar. You can also find an about page, links to other blogs I maintain and return to the main page of Wanderlust

Following Comments

There is a recent comments section on the sidebar. This way you can easily keep track of replies to your comments without actually having to visit the particular post repeatedly. You can also use the follow-via-email feature of Blogger while commenting to keep track of responses to you comments.

Finding Content

Finding content on blogs can be difficult. I've tried to add certain features that will help you find relevant content on Wanderlust. If none of these work then try searching.

  • Relevant Posts: I try to link to relevant posts withing each post. If you find such links within a post that you were reading and liking then you can follow them to reach relevant content. I take special care to ensure that the links I post are relevant. Thus, you'll not find a profusion of links. When you do find a link, rest assured that it will be relevant.
  • Labels: I take extreme care in categorizing my posts. Take a look at the Labels section in the sidebar to locate content that interests you. Categories function as labels, that is, a single post may appear under more than one categories.
  • Archive: Feel free to browse through the chronologically sorted archive of this blog.


There is a Google search box at the very top. Use it to search Wanderlust.


There is a ShareThis button at the botton of every post. Clicking on this button enables you to post the content to your favorite social platform.

Saturday, January 01, 2000


Vinod Khare is currently a graduate student majoring in Geodetic Science with a focus on Computer Vision from The Ohio State University. He has B Tech in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Writing is a passion and a way of life for Vinod. He likes to write about subjects that are most dear to him -- movies, books, comics and science fiction and fantasy. But he keeps an open mind and would write about most things under the sun. He urges you to take a look at the categories section of this blog to get an idea of what Wanderlust is all about.